At Modify we aim to project manage our client's homes from concept to completion and we would love for you to be part of the journey.

Current vacancies:

Employment opportunity - 3 days/week - Senior Designer/Project Manager


We are constantly looking for designers and architects to consult with us to create our client's dream home. The great thing about consulting with us is that we do all the tedious administration relating to development application approvals and approvals - leaving you time to do what you love best - designing and creating.

When we get new homes, we will get in touch with our suitable designers and architects and ask you to quote for the work. We will then show our clients your work and give you an opportunity to discuss the project with them. If you are successful, then we get to work as a team!

Obviously this is all very brief and we would love to answer any more questions that you have. So please get in touch with the form below and Jen or Alana will be in touch soon.

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